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Dear chinese spammers,

please note that we're not interested in any advertizing mails. We receive about 20 such mails each day (90% from China), advertizing for LED lamps, automobile parts, printed circuit borads, motors, cheap plastic lenses, CCTV security cameras, electric drill and angle grinders, electronic cigarette and other useless garbage. We consider all these mails as spam. Many mails begin with the words "Dear friend...". Please note that we're not friends of spammers. Please also note that spamming is illegal in most countries, including Germany. Spammers are criminals. They steal other people's time. It's our strict policy never to deal with spammers. There are no exceptions from this rule. When you send us spam mails, then one thing is absolutely sure: We'll never buy anything from you. Neither now nor in future. If you have good products for sale, then make a good website and show your products there. We'll find your products with

Ulf Schneider